POLAR PLUS Excellence Hub | Part Time

Trainer and/or Developing Curriculum

Closing date: May 31 ,2023

Job Title: Trainer and/or Developing Curriculum

About POLAR PLUSExcellence Hub

POLAR PLUS Excellence Hub is a Research, Consultancy and Training Company. POLAR PLUS Excellence Hub offers very effective and contextualized professional Business and Development solutions to small, medium and large scale business organizations, government institutions, civil societies and individuals. POLAR PLUS Excellence Hub: (1) provides Research and Consultancy servicesto generate solutions or policy ideas in business, management and development related fields, (2) offers training to improve trainees' knowledge, skills, and professional attitudes that enhance employee performance and boost organizational productivity, and enhances employability; (3) provides training services on organizational systems and procedures that will bring organizational effectiveness and efficacy;  (4) selects and recruits the best professionals on behalf of client companies; (5) organizes professional events; and (6) provides general marketing services to client  across industries.


Training Service

POLAR PLUS Excellence Hub provides a variety of demand-driven training services that has two major components including Tailor-made trainings and Special Certification Training Packages. All the trainings focus on practical/skill development (70%) with little theoretical (30%) aspects. The tailor-made trainings covermore than 70 (seventy) course areas in Marketing, Accounting,Finance and Banking, Leadership, and Strategy, Manufacturing and Project Development;Human Resource Development and Application (Software).

POLAR PLAS is currently seeking qualified persons (1) that are interested to give training as a freelance or on a part-time basis, (2) who will prepare curriculum for the individual courses under the following five major areas:

Ø  Marketing,

Ø  Accounting, Finance and Banking,

Ø  Leadership and Strategy,

Ø  Manufacturing and Project Development;

Ø  Human Resource Development and Application (Software)


Job Requirements:

Knowledge and Experience

Ø  MA, MSc or PHD in Market Development or Marketing; Business Administration; Accounting, Finance or Banking; Entrepreneurship; Management; Small and Medium Enterprise Development; Project Planning Appraisal or Management; Manufacturing Planning; Economics; Hospitality and Tourism; Education Administration; or any other relevant field.

Ø  Good communication skill, fluency in English

Ø  Minimum of 10 years for MSc/MA, or 8 years for PHD


How to Apply

POLAR PPLUS Excellence Hub invites all well-qualified candidates to apply. Competent candidates can apply for one or more of the major areas listed above. Similarly candidates can apply for either Trainer position, Developing Curriculum or both, so please specify your area of interest in the cover letter.

Candidates should submit their one-page cover letter and updated CV’s to polarplusexcelhub@gmail.com. Candidates must refer “Trainer and/or Developing Curriculum” in the subject line of their email and application.


Deadline for application: byMay31, 2023.

If you need further information, you can call us on +251 996 45 45 45.

Required Person: 2

Employment Type: Part Time

Salary: Negotiable

Work Experience: 8-10