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Training Manager

Closing date: Jul 28 ,2023


Supporting Inclusive Dialogue and Gender Sensitive Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, Ethiopia

Call for National Consultant for Training Manager (BGR 03-2023)

 Terms of Reference for Training Manager,

Overview of the Consultancy assignment

·         Working hours: Full-time (minimum 40hr per week)

·         Duration: 12 months

·         Starting date: August 15, 2023

·         Salary/benefits: Negotiable

Duty station- Addis Ababa at CDRC H.Q., with regular travel to Benishangul Gumuz

1.       Project Description

The Centre for Dialogue, Research and Cooperation, in close collaboration with the Berghof Foundation, and through the support of the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia will implement a three-year project in Metekel Zone, Benishangul Gumuz in order to consolidate dialogue and reconciliation efforts. Government and community peace efforts have led to an improvement in security in the past year, especially in Metekel Zone, but the situation remains fragile. The project intends to reinforce these efforts through inclusive dialogue and reconciliation activities. In this regard, the project will include a significant capacity building component to ensure sustainability through the establishment and support to a network of local peacebuilders to lead and facilitate community dialogues and peacebuilding throughout Metekel. Strengthening social cohesion and inter-ethnic relations will be a key objective through reconciliation efforts and gender-sensitive and inclusive community dialogues. Peacebuilding projects identified by the communities will also be implemented to address root causes and rebuild relations. Close coordination and cooperation with peacebuilding, humanitarian and development actors through the Benishangul Gumuz Peacebuilding Network will contribute to synergies and increase impact. The Training Manager will work closely with a project team based in Metekel Zone.

2.        Main Tasks and Responsibilities

In close coordination with the Project Coordinator in Addis and the Berghof Foundation’s Senior Trainer in Berlin, the Training Manager tasks may include but are not limited to:

-          Co-manage the overall implementation of the capacity building component of the project;

-          Co-responsibility in designing a peacebuilding and dialogue facilitation curriculum along with the Berghof Foundation Senior Trainer;

-          Co-lead trainings with the Senior Trainer (s) in Addis and Benishangul Gumuz, and mentor short term consultants engaged with service contracts in support of these capacity building activities

-          Responsible for monitoring the implementation of the training curriculum and adapting the content accordingly;

-          Participation in the preparation of capacity building activities, including development of selection criteria and outreach to participants;

-          Responsible for providing mentoring and advice to partners regarding the application of peacebuilding and dialogue concepts provided in the trainings;


In addition to the above list, the Centre for Dialogue, Research and Cooperation reserves the right to request deliverables not explicitly mentioned in the above list of tasks, but related to the scope of the present framework service contract.

3.       Qualifications

Applicants shall demonstrate that they fulfil the following criteria (to be assessed on the basis of all supporting documents listed in Section 9):

-          Master’s degree in a relevant field, such as peace and conflict studies, International Relations or similar

-          Relevant capacity building work experience leading trainings on peacebuilding and dialogue. Experience with gender-sensitivity or reconciliation is a plus.

-          Excellent knowledge of peacebuilding and dialogue concepts; knowledge and experience regarding participatory capacity building methodology is a plus

-          Strong organizational, training and communication skills

-          Excellent verbal and written English language skills

Applicants should bring the following additional skills:

-          Strong ability to work as part of a team as well as independently

-          Strong empathetic skills

-          Good presentation and facilitation skills

-          Ability to work under time pressure

-          Curiosity, passion and perseverance


4.       Evaluation and Awarding Criteria

The overall evaluation procedure of potential applicants involves the following:

a.       Assessments to be made on the quality of information in the submitted application

b.       Written exams given related to the tasks and responsibilities indicated above

c.       Personal interviews will be held with a minimum 3-4 short listed candidates

d.       Selected candidates will be requested to submit written financial offers


Awarding criteria-

a.       The quality of the application will be evaluated based on the following criteria (30%):



Quality Assessment

Maximum Points

Relevant work experience with projects supporting peacebuilding in Ethiopia;


Previous work experience leading and facilitating capacity building activities;


Quality and kind (Contextual knowledge, conceptual knowledge, networks)


Additional skills (mentoring, language, facilitation, communication)





b.       The total weight of written exams and interviews will be 40% (20 points each). Those applicants who fulfill the qualifications indicated in item 3 above will be invited for a written exam, while only 3-4 shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews, after the overall evaluation of the quality of offers including written exams.

c.       As part of the interview process shortlisted candidates will include a binding financial offer in writing in ETB or EUR. The weight of the financial offer is 30%, which corresponds to 30 points (maximum). The offer with the lowest price will receive the maximum number of points.


5.       Application Procedures

a.       The Consultant must submit a motivational letter, curriculum vitae and copies of credentials including a track record of previous experiences and professional capacity, directly to CDRC office or through email at the following address.

Kirkos Sub-city, Kebele 02

Ethio-China Friendship Road

Medina Tower, 5th floor

Email:    "Sitrallah Mohammed" <sitrallahm@gmail.com>

Phone: +251-931-141763 or +251-929-189635

b.       Application period: July 17- 28, 2023

c.       For more information and questions, please call or write using above addresses during office hours.


Required Person: 1

Employment Type: Contract

Salary: Negotiable

Work Experience: -